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Important Announcement

April 26th,2022

WE’D LIKE YOU TO BUY YOUR TICKET… to the Glebe 100 Reunion Weekend in October. Please😊…

We know it might seem a tad early – though 400 of your fellow alumni have already got their tickets… but in addition to ensuring you don’t miss out before we’re sold out, it really, really helps our planning if you buy your ticket before the end of June.

As you can imagine, organizing this event is quite something, especially for a group of people doing it as volunteers who all have jobs, kids, grandkids (yikes!) lives etc. We have a lot of events planned – lots of balls in the air – and we are keenly aware that we don’t have any budget except through what tickets generate.

So, it will be based on ticket sales that we will decide if we need to change or reduce any of our events – like the parade, or the dance, or the pancake breakfast etc. And the sooner we know how many people are coming, the sooner we can confirm all our plans and contracts with people like DJ’s, bartenders, food suppliers etc.

It will really help us out if you buy your ticket now. As you many know any proceeds we generate beyond paying the kinds of costs as above, will go to the School Council.

It’s going to be a wonderful weekend and so much fun to see everyone again.

Yellow and Blue, yellow and blue… Sis Boom Ba!!


Thanks so much,

Paddy Bowen (on behalf of the Glebe 100 Organizing Committee)