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The organizing committee of the Glebe 100 Anniversary Weekend is a sub-committee of the Glebe Collegiate School Council (historically known as the parent council). Committee volunteers have been hard at work behind the scenes to get the plans in motion for the Glebe 100 anniversary weekend.

Interested in helping on a committee, assisting during the weekend or taking over one of our vacant positions, please contact

The people making things work!
  • Chair: Christy Griffin
  • Volunteers: Paddy Bowen (GCI Grad ’75)
  • Human Library: Gillian Walker, Sabrah Talib, Kylie Taggart (GCI Grad ’92)
  • Communications: Diane Wessman
  • Website: Jordan St. Jacques (GCI Grad ‘86)
  • Parade: Dai Chaplin (GCI Grad ‘71 )
  • Decade Rooms: Judi Varga-Toth (GCI Grad ’85)
  • Dance, Dance, Dance: Paddy Bowen (GCI Grad ‘75 )
  • Opening Night: Sam Goldberg (GCI Grad ‘72 ) and Steve Finkelstein (GCI Grad‘ 75)
  • Glebe 100 Band: Victor Jung (GCI Grad ’83 and current GCI teacher)
  • Glebe at Play: Emily Grant (GCI Grad ‘ and current GCI teacher)
  • Pancake Breakfast: Phoebe Seely (GCI Grad 2020)
  • Glebe Stuff: Joan Hatch
  • General “all-around” committee work: Linda Wilson (GCI Grad ’73), Hugh Trudeau (GCI Grad ’69), Shuchen Ye (Skyler), GCI Student Council Co-Chair