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Glebe 100 Questions and Answers

The committee is charging a nominal registration fee to cover the costs of hosting the weekend. From on-site security to lighting to tent rentals, material supplies and more, we have done our best to make a meaningful but inexpensive event for all Glebe alum. Any proceeds from the weekend will be provided to the School Council (historically known as parent council) to be used for scholarships for GCI students pursuing post-secondary education or trades.

Glebe 100 Opening Night (whether you attend in person or virtually), the parade, access to the back field during the Student Council BBQ, access to the school and the decade rooms, art room and history tour, Glebe at Play and the closing event.

The number of Glebe 100 Opening Night tickets is limited , so while this event is included in the registration fee, we require you to check (√) if you will be attending this event, and we encourage you to purchase your general registration ticket early.

The following special events are add-on tickets:

  • Student Council BBQ, being held on Saturday on the back field. All proceeds will go toward a council fundraising project (more details to come). Price is $10
  • Dance!, Dance!!, Dance!!!, being held on Saturday evening in the school. Music from across the decades, re-living good times at GCI. price is $30
  • Continental Breakfast, being held Sunday morning in the School Cafeteria. Price is $8

The Glebe 100 Registration ticket helps cover administrative costs for running this large event. The entire event is run by volunteers; any proceeds will be used for post-secondary scholarships for students in need.

Please connect the committee chair via

The Glebe 100 anniversary weekend will be held at the school and as such the event is subject to OCDSB policies and procedures in force at the time. Please consult the OCDSB website for details closer to the weekend.

“Glebe 100 is excited to introduce a new T-shirt, hoodie and crew shirt design created by Glebe alumni Jamie Brougham. Limited quantities will be for sale at the reunion, so go to the SHOP page to reserve your shirt!

This is a limited time offer, so order NOW for pick up at the reunion at the Welcome and Registration desk.

Glebe Wear will continue to be available online from the school’s supplier, Gadar, but we are reconfiguring the shop. Stay tuned for updates at the SHOP tab!”

Many thanks to Elizabeth Raoult, GCI ‘91 Alumnae, for creating a list of Room Blocks at various price points for the Glebe 100 Anniversary. 

Download the PDF file here for Room Block details at 4 of Ottawa’s finest hotels.

Eventbrite accepts all major credit cards. We do not have a PayPal account. If you are unable to pay by credit card, complete the order form in PayPal, print the form and send a cheque payable to Glebe Collegiate 100 Anniversary to the school at 212 Glebe Ave, Ottawa ON K1S 2C9. Note that tickets are available on a first come, first-served basis.

The order form asks for their grad year.
Enter the Grad ticket holder information first, including their year of graduation. Add the guest information second, using the grad year of the spouse/partner.

Glebe 100 Accessibility

Enter the middle door on First Ave: Door C. There are no stairs at this entrance. You will need to use the elevator to get to the gym or the second floor (known to alumni as the main/first floor)

Use the Glebe Ave entrance. There are stairs on the First Ave entrance to the field.

There are accessible parking spots at the First Ave side of the school. ParaTranspo should drop off passengers at door C on First Ave.

The elevator requires a key. A volunteer will act as the elevator operator. There will be volunteers at door C to take you to the elevator. If no volunteers are present, there will be a cell phone number to call and a volunteer will be there shortly.

The decade rooms are in the English rooms on the second floor (known to most alumni as the main floor). They are on the Glebe Ave side of the school. The elevator is on the First Ave side of the school. Walking aids, if needed, are encouraged.

Accessible washrooms are available on the first floor (known to most alumni as the basement), and the second floor (known to most alumni as the main floor).

Please let an usher know if you need to be seated specially due to hearing or mobility needs.

Please ask a volunteer if you need help. Volunteers are wearing yellow shirts.