Greetings fellow Glebites!

Greetings fellow Glebites!

A message from Paddy Bowen:
Things are going great guns in the planning process for our “big” weekend, next May.  We’ve found people to lead most of the activities and come the autumn I’ll be working with them to find people to fill countless volunteer jobs for the weekend itself.  So stay tuned on that front.

Meanwhile though we are in dire need of two special people to lead a couple of key activities…
First, we need someone to take on the work of seeking out sponsorships and/or advertising revenue.  It would involve connecting with the Glebe BIA, local businesses and even – maybe – some potential larger sponsors for some of the bigger activities.  Perhaps a bank or tech company?
Second, we need someone to design and run our registration system working first with our website Activity Leader Jordan, and later to put together a programme, set up a roster of volunteers and next May, to run the Registration Desk.  This is obviously a big job and so important to making our gathering next May a success.

So… if you have any kind of background in these kinds of work – or know someone who does … please consider joining our merry band of volunteers working to put on the BEST EVENT EVER  in celebration of our wonderful, 100 year old, high school.

For other volunteer opportunities, please go to the

Do you want to volunteer?

The Glebe 100th Celebration Weekend is a year away! The event Organizing Committee, on behalf of the School Council, has established a schedule for the weekend (May 13 – 15, 2022) and is now recruiting volunteers. If you are interested in learning more about the weekend and how you can help head over to the volunteer page.


That’s right, 365 days until we celebrate 100 years of GCI. Enjoy your invitiation:

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The 100th Anniversary Committee is currently developing the program for the Celebrations and would like your input. To get involved visit the Events – Can you help?

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